4 Month

Dream Life


Get the hand-holding you need to grow your business, enroll high-ticket clients, and expand your vision

With your personal business coach: 

Hanna Hermanson

Forbes Coaches Council Member. Published author. A little woo-woo. A lot type A. On a mission to give inspired female entrepreneurs the real support, and strategy to level up their income and impact, to make your DREAM LIFE = REAL LIFE.

Together we will:

  • Solidify and expand your true mission and vision in life and business.
  • Build and perfect your priceless offer.
  • Grow your community and enroll ideal, high-ticket clients.
  • Tidy up your branding on all platforms (social media and real life).
  • Simplify your social media and content marketing strategies, influencer positioning, lead generation
  • Amplify your money mindset and overall abundance in your business and life.
  • I’ve helped clients publish their books, get featured in blogs, write sales pages that generate $20K/month in profits, and sell 5-figure offers on autopilot. 
  • If your goal is to multiply your income and influence in your online business, this program shows you exactly how to do it- in the ways that are true to you and your mission.
  • Improve your life, and the lives of so many others along the way! 

What's included: 

As soon as you sign up, you will get instant access to your private scheduling link for your coaching calls, unlimited access to me via Facebook Messenger and email, and access to the private Facebook group of other “Real Dream Lifers”, where I offer additional support and trainings.  

Specifically, the program includes…  

  • Weekly one-hour calls (16 total) where we review your progress, strategize your next steps, and set weekly tasks so that you literally see progress every single day.  
  • Unlimited Facebook Messenger support so that you never feel stuck or in a last-minute bind 
  • Unlimited feedback on publicly shared materials (website copy, freebies, Facebook and Instagram ads, etc)  
  • Exact scripts to enroll new clients with ease.  
  • ONE-TIME BONUS: Lifetime access to all of my digital 10 week course! ($6,000 value)
  • ONE-TIME BONUS: Two extra sessions that you can use at any time in the future 

You know you can keep spinning your wheels with your current life and income. 

Or you can decide, today, to level up and finally grow into your true potential.

You don't need another course or training or checklist. 

What you need is 1:1 guidance from an expert in personal development, branding, high ticket offers, influencer positioning and enrolling ideal clients on autopilot, who will show you that hitting $30K plus months can be easy. 

Submit your application, and let's see if the 4 month Dream Life Accelerator is the right fit for us.

I made the decision do coaching with Hanna and she has been so motivating and inspiring to work with. She gives me concrete steps to level up my business and the steps I need to take each week. All the ideas and plans she has for my business are for my specific situation, and always feel authentic to my personality and goals. I feel like she is always thinking about me and my success! I am so thankful for her non stop support, overflowing positivity and true enthusiasm.

-Jennifer, Techonolgy Consultant  

Hanna inspires me constantly. Mindset is everything when is comes to being successful, and Hanna has a way of saying it like it is, and in turn enabling you to move past your mental barriers and breakthrough to living YOUR dream life! She truly cares about not only her clients, but every single person who decides to join her community. She is selfless in sharing everything she has learned to get to where she is today, so that we can all in turn make an impact with our unique skill set we have to offer to those who truly need it!

-Bri, Health Coach  

MY life became my DREAM LIFE in just a little over a week!  

So I signed up for Hanna's course. Was the money in my bank account? Nope. Did I have a crystal clear vision of what I would do? Nu-uh. Was I scared? You bet! Yet I knew I needed to level-up, and Hanna was a sure fire way to do that.

And of course, I manifested the hell out of $10,000. Money for coaching AND to live off of.  

And I am planning a trip to Hawaii for 2 weeks next month.  

- Elizabeth, Manifestation Coach

What I am most astounded by is her ongoing support. We have connected and she has guided me every single day. In this short amount of time I have gotten clarity on what is my service and who am I servicing (seriously I was a confused, frustrated mess) and actually put myself out there with calls, connections and content creation. Every day I have several calls now. I came from wanting to be of selfless service and providing value to my followers to actually embodying that and feeling how amazing it truly feels! Hanna makes you realize you are limitless.

And she gives you so many action steps you can do today so you can see momentum right away, not next month. 

-Nisha, Founder of The Aligned Pretzel 

Email additional questions to hanna@dreamlifeisreallife.com